01 // 21 // 2016: {Ballerina Sit-up}

01 // 21 // 2016: {Ballerina Sit-up}

Hello! What  a week it has been with all of the snow and ice! Although it has been less than ideal temperatures all week it did give me an excuse to try some new at-home workouts.  Tuesday night was when it began snowing here in St. Charles so I skipped the gym and headed straight home. I wanted to do some kind of ab workout that day so I looked up some reputable sources via Youtube.

I’ve done this ab workout from Blogilates for the past couple of days, and my abs are more sore than I ever remember them being. The instructor offers a new kind of sit up called the ballerina sit up which basically just adds the pointing of your toes, but it makes a difference! I do have to say that this instructor is WAY too energetic about working out but hey-at least she’s being positive. Here is the link:

I have also been trying to increase my stamina and running form since I was not consistent this past summer during our travels. (Instead we hiked 10,000 feet up for exercise-much different). I really enjoy running races and know that it is important to train well and correctly, along with pairing weight training and cardio. Seriously-doing both is the best way to stay fit. I know that cardio may seem like it has many more benefits, and I used to think that too, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the benefits of weight training. Don’t take my word for it- check out the ever popular Pinterest.

Here is what I have been using for cardio:


If you are trying to stay good on your resolution to be healthy an fit but feel like you are at a stand still or are just bored, I encourage you to give these a try. I’m a believer in taking small but significant steps to create a lifestyle rather than burning yourself out all at once. It takes a lot of effort and determination to reach your goals, but in the end you are going to reap the benefits more than you know!