A lot of times Sunday mornings it’s a struggle to get to church. Yesterday morning was one of those mornings for me. My hair looked like a lion’s mane, my makeup didn’t blend right, and I ran out of my favorite coffee (perhaps the worst of the three). Given all of those things, I wasn’t in the best of moods on the way out the door at 9:45. When I got to church (still frustrated and feeling uncomfortable as ever) it was hard to open up to worship. The worship team moved in to the third song (I had never heard it before) but a couple of the lines stuck out to me… “It doesn’t matter what I feel, it doesn’t matter what I  see”.  

Those lines really switched my attitude and broke down the wall I had up. I think that it is a good reminder that God is with you no matter what, and that His love is not contingent upon what we do, how others feel about us, or whatever worldly perspective you want to throw in there.  Take some time today to step out of your typical Monday, and just rest in God’s presence and focus on the promises He’s made. Here is the song:

I’ve discovered that plants, herbs, gardening, etc. is one of the greatest forms of therapy for me personally. I know that it’s not quite Spring, but I went yesterday and got some new “house plants” to put in my kitchen. There’s just something about plants, and the growth that they represent.


It’s been difficult these last two weeks to get into a new routine. I started a new job, and it is always difficult to keep a routine or form a new one when something major changes in your life. However, I am starting to get my new routine down, and nothing makes me happier!


Also, perhaps one of my biggest accomplishments this week, I TRIED SOMETHING WITH SWEET POTATO IN IT. For those of you who know me, know that I can not stand sweet potatoes, and never have been able to since I can remember.  However,  I decided to try it again in a new recipe, and it was actually delicious… I know- I can’t believe I’m saying that. These are called {Black Bean Sweet Potato Flautas} (Whatever that means). Anyway- they were delicious! Here is the recipe: http://peasandcrayons.com/2012/09/baked-black-bean-sweet-potato-flautas.html

Have a great Monday!



One thought on “02 // 08 // 2016: Take a break…

  1. This is one of my favorite of your posts! Eating something with sweet potato in it is a huge thing for you! Love that you don’t stay stuck but are always learning, geeking and sharing your experiences. What an encouragement!


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