“A healthy outside starts from the inside”

-Robert Urich

It has been a fantastic weekend. Saturday we spent six hours at IKEA (including breakfast and lunch) and then Parker and I went to Winter Jam St. Louis. It was a full Saturday, but definitely fun.

Today I went “major grocery shopping”. It was my first time doing major shopping as a vegetarian and that made the trip just a little bit longer than usual. I decided to become a “vegetarian” (specifically a pesco-vegetarian) this year not because I want to save all the animals (I don’t) but because I ate way too much meat which left me eating way too few vegetables etc. Being a vegetarian is a challenge- but it’s fun. It has been much simpler than I thought, and I think this is because I had already been eating and finding healthy meal options before I made this decision. It wan’t like I went from eating frozen pre-packaged meals straight to vegetarianism.

This morning I made chia blueberry pancakes with organic no sugar added strawberries on top. It was seriously delicious. Pancakes can be hard to make with no added sugar, but these were the bomb! (People still say that right?) 12552853_10205743215875721_4423110979158320840_n

For dinner I made avocado pasta. I’m not a big fan of avocados in general, but this was also “the bomb”.


Here is the recipe link for the pasta: http://damndelicious.net/2014/06/20/avocado-pasta/

I’m getting ready to make some apple cinnamon muffins. Having healthy snacks ready to go is so important! Good luck this week on all of your goals!



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