Good morning! I don’t know about you, but I am super ecstatic that it’s Saturday. I LOVE Saturdays. It’s the one day a week that I don’t have to set an alarm, even if my body wakes up at 6:45 on its own. That’s okay though, I thoroughly enjoy Saturday mornings. Mornings are my absolute favorite. It’s quiet, calm, and provides a time to reflect on the week and find peace.

My freshman year of college I did a research paper on sleep and its importance. Through further study and self-experiment I have learned just how important it actually is. A lot of times we read something that claims to be a “health tip” and disregard it because, “how much of a difference can that really make? I think sleep can fall into that category sometimes. In my personal experience, I have found that getting not only a quantitative amount of sleep but a quality amount of sleep makes all the difference. I am constantly saying that every aspect of health is intertwined with every other aspect and sleep is no different. When I get “good sleep” it effects my perspective on the day, my diet choices, my motivation- you name it.

Some things I have started doing to help aid in quality sleep include:

{no electronics an hour before bed}


{listening to the Relaxation Station on Pandora}

{Not eating after 7:30 pm}

Here is an article through Greatist (which I love) on 27 ways to sleep better.

I’ve also tried doing bedtime yoga which has been awesome. I’m on the lookout for more routines.

If you’re interested in the science behind why we need sleep and what happens without it, watch this video:


One thought on “01 // 16 // 2016: sleep, it’s important.

  1. Such good information and advice! Love to hear it the difference it has made for you! I’m gonna give before bed yoga a try!!! Gary and I have recently decided no electronics for a half hour before bed and it’s been great. So proud of you!


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