Yay! We’ve made it three days into the new year. Most of you are getting ready to return to work and/or school and that can be really daunting after the holidays. {Remember to make the most of every day and to keep an eternal perspective}. Our pastor shared today about how we should aim to thrive in our daily lives, not just “hang on” or “survive”.

On a semi-unrelated note:

Parker and I really enjoy doing puzzles together, it lets you relax and spend time together, all while accomplishing something. (Or sometimes getting frustrated and quitting three times before you make any progress). Nevertheless we enjoy it. We bought two #StarWars puzzles this holiday season and have so far completed the much simpler one. HOWEVER- we became frustrated when we were robbed of our victory.

The puzzle of almost completion.

…DO YOU SEE IT?!?!? We are always very careful to keep all of the pieces together because of the obvious fact that losing them is less than difficult. ONE PIECE was missing. It DOES NOT exist.

We are slowly recomposing ourselves after this difficult time and working on a new puzzle pictured below. This one is 1000 pieces, and each piece is an individual scene from the Star Wars series. Needless to say, it is also trying. I realize that the previous couple of paragraphs have not lined up with my initial comment of “puzzles are fun”, but they are…in most aspects…


I hope that you all are able to enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I will see you tomorrow (figuratively, of course).


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