Finally! With everything going on this week it has been difficult to find time to put ALL of my thoughts together to publish a post, but here I am! First of all, thank you to all who have prayed and who are praying for us. You guys are super cool. I have tried to keep up with ya’ll on Facebook, so if some of what I write is a repeat to you, I apologize.

We left Monday for Gatchel, Indiana. This was our first night of “roughing it” and it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. We learned that Gatchel is so small, it isn’t even worthy of a population count. Guess we can chalk it up to adventure!

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On Tuesday we woke up with the sun and left for Washington DC around 6:30 AM. We spent a good three days taking in our nation’s capital. There were so many different languages being spoken everywhere that we went. Also, the homeless population was immense among some of the wealthiest people in the country. While at the Smithsonian Museum of American History a deaf man tried to sell us a booklet of sign language ABC’s. It was interesting to communicate with him when words were not in primary use. Also, always one of my favorite things, we visited the Holocaust museum where I was able to purchase a book written by a Holocaust survivor who was a young girl during the time. She was doing a book signing at the museum that day and I was the first one to get to talk with her about her experiences, view her pictures and documents, and hear her story. She signed my copy for me. It was a memorable experience.

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On Thursday we left for New York and arrived in Niagara Falls around 3 pm and spent the evening there. This morning we went to Niagara and crossed the border into Canada spending our day there. I wore my “E Pluribus Unum” shirt and had a conversation with the border control officer about what that means to me and to him. Lastly, Parker bought me a Canadian teddy bear to remember this portion of the trip by. I said that there was a lot of diversity in DC, but there was FAR more in Canada. We met people who were Yiddish, Hispanic, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Canadian (duh), American (duh), English, Indian, etc.63739_10205645885044937_2380688745551648493_n 10171695_10204739294458313_1604802388659855546_n 11059418_10205645873284643_7490970272749966596_n 11137109_10204739294858323_5136231135407462486_n 11169464_10205645844243917_1743368651986964004_n 11180614_10205645885604951_3320018189041732990_n 11236149_10205645978847282_2959746050868740071_n 11698848_10205645886924984_1638767612482423672_o 11705139_10205645883924909_4655833313223337403_n 11745432_10205645869004536_9077899727077296806_n 11754286_10205645877804756_3979062301243108172_n unnamed

As I stated in my Facebook post, this past week has been an awesome start to our trip. We’ve been gone for six days now, and have been watching, waiting, and praying for opportunities to share Christ-like love. Some great things have happened so far, but the biggest yet is the deeper connection we are gaining in our marriage. This week God has done and shown us some incredible things in our marriage that we didn’t expect or plan to dive in to. It’s been awesome to sit by a campfire and read scripture together and to get up in the morning at 5 AM and pray with the birds singing. I love my husband, and am forever grateful for him.

Tomorrow we are headed through Ohio to our destination in St. Charles, MO to visit Parker’s dad for a while.


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