Wow! What a busy week. As of today we have been officially homeless for a week! (By choice). 🙂 It’s funny, as we have been catching up with friends and family this week I have been hitting the conversation off with “we’re homeless” and people have had the most extreme reactions. That being said, I no longer start conversations that way. I then have to explain that it is all by choice, and that we really are more than okay. Nevertheless, it has been quite entertaining!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with family thus far, and look forward to more quality time before we leave next Monday, July 13th at 7AM. PLEASE AGREE WITH ME IN PRAYER THAT I CAN GET PARKER OUT OF BED BEFORE 9AM! Just kidding, but for real- next Monday we are hitting the road to travel to our first stop, Gatchel, Indiana. We are so excited the closer that it gets.

Here is a post that I recently published via gofundme to give you an update:

As most of you know via my blog at, Parker and I are about to embark on a four-six month journey across America. Our original goal was to travel for leisure and culture before I begin student teaching and kids are on the agenda. This is still a part of our goal, but the closer that we get to “take off” (Monday, July 13th) we feel as if this trip may have a “bigger picture” goal. We believe through our prayer and the confirmation of others (which has been incredible) that the Lord has divine appointments set up along our unknown path for us to be a witness and an example of Christ’s love (this should always be the goal in our daily lives as well). This is becoming our goal the closer that we get. It truly has been incredible to watch God’s hand in orchestrating this trip, and we are more excited than ever to set off. We set up this account for those who feel led to give for whatever the reason. It is the scariest thing to be out of our comfort zone (I am learning to let go and let God), but I am anxious as I feel the lessons I have already learned are just the beginning. We have many things planned but there is still much unknown. I will be frequently updating our blog, and if you would like to follow our journey feel free to check out and/or follow our blog at North News Blog.
You can give here:

Please keep us in your prayers for continued safety and direction. We appreciate you!

2 thoughts on “Getting Closer…

  1. I’m so excited for you guys! I am very happy to know your hearts are open to the appointments the Lord is preparing for you. Continual prayers!


  2. We are keeping you in our prayers. We are so grateful you are keeping your hearts and eyes on the Lord in this journey you are undertaking. We are sure He will direct your paths and lead you to the people He has appointed for you to witness to. He has called us all to be His warriors. Time is close for His soon return and He has a work for all of us do do and reaching out to the discouraged and lost is so important. Our hearts go out to those who do not know Him and pray none will be lost. God bless you both. Love and prayers Grandpa and Grandma Burner


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