Bentonville Farmer’s Market and Walton 5-10 pictured above

As I reflect on the year I have spent in Bentonville, AR, I can’t help but be thankful for the lessons I’ve learned from teaching in a preschool.

Lesson #1) Kids are so innocent. Seeing this first hand and having it reiterated in my mind, I understand the importance of a good role model, and have come to understand that it is essential to be a good role model. Everything we do is extremely impressionable to kids. 

Lesson #2) PATIENCE. If nothing else, I have been taught patience, and the importance of it.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet


Lesson #3) Relationships are key. Life is about relationships. I’ve been blessed to have formed relationships with not only my kids, but with parents, families, and co-workers.

Lesson #4) This lesson doesn’t really come from my time teaching preschool, rather it is a truth and realization that applies to every aspect of life. Life is short, and for lack of a better phrase, “time flies”. I received this message from my mom earlier this week, and the words have encouraged me every day since:

“Instead of gazing into the unknown future, live each moment in joyful awareness of My Presence. I hold your future safely in My hands. It will unfurl before you as you go step by step through each day. -Dear Jesus by Sarah Young p. 224”

“The Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him -Psalm 32:10”

Two weeks from today we are off.

Since we are talking about preschool (or at least.. we were), if you haven’t seen this phenomenal video circulating via Facebook yet, click play!


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