I know that I have been publishing posts more frequently, but I am just so excited about our travel plans! We have 2 weeks and 2 days left, then off we go! In my constant search for travel tips, I came across this striking website for those of you who might desire to explore America. http://www.trekamerica.com/ There are adventures for individuals, groups, and families of all ages. It really is worth looking into if you are planning an adventure anytime soon!

One of the difficulties I have been facing is the major downsizing of items to bring with us. I like to think that we are more than prepared, but it is my instinct to want to bring anything and everything we possibly could need. Thankfully, Parker is more practical and therefore we will not be bringing a full length mirror with us…

Pinterest has been great for travel tips, and this map shows the most popular US attractions in each state: http://time.com/42038/map-popular-attractions-united-states/

Here is an extensive list of the one thing you must do in each US state: (I think this is my favorite list so far)


I am starting my collection of good books to bring with me on this trip as I will be getting rid of the data package on my phone to encourage “un-plugging”. PLEASE let me know if you have any book suggestions for me. I hope to finish more than a few in the coming months.

Be sure to watch this video called “Tour the States” It’s pretty catchy..

One thought on “Trek USA

  1. This is so awesome! The mirror comment made me laugh ;). You are really finding some good resources for your travel. I’m going to check them all out!


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