Hello! In this post I would like to share what I have been up to for the past couple of weeks. In my struggle to get “healthy” I have researched and employed various methods. Admittedly, I stuck with none of them until two weeks ago. I have never really been a part of a gym but have always tried to do “at-home workouts” to keep myself in whatever shape was left of me. A couple of Thursday’s ago I joined the new Planet Fitness here in Bentonville, AR and my life hasn’t been the same since. There is just something about the setup of Planet Fitness and the cleanliness that I love. {If you have one near you I strongly encourage you to try it out}. Anyways, I have been everyday but two {for rest purposes} since, and it has inspired my all-around life choices. As I have learned from the past, when you exercise you are more likely to eat healthier which leads to improved body energy and mental capability. It has been incredible taking advantage of this. Given, I am sore today as I have worked on a combination of strength and cardio rather than sole cardio as I have previously done, but I have already begun to see improvement.

I believe that to stay on track with the health goals that I have set for myself it needs to be fun. Routine is great and all, but it can get boring. With this thought in mind, I have created a week of alliteration for my meals as follows:

#SweetSunday (I allow myself one treat only on Sundays 200 calories or less)







For tomorrow I have prepared minestrone soup with added black beans for the protein I will be missing from meat.

Since my journey began, I am down 10 lbs, have an improved outlook on life, enjoy my daily activities more, and seem to have a clearer mind. It’s fantastic! For all of you who are currently in the struggle, don’t give up! Drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, and be positive.

Until the next time I fancy the feeling to compose,


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