Good evening everyone! It’s been a while since I have written- my mother just remarried on Valentine’s Day, and it was a busy busy month! I couldn’t be happier for her though. I am so glad to have gained some more incredible family members.

This past weekend my mom and new awesome step-dad visited me for my birthday here in Bentonville and brought along an incredible birthday gift- a sewing machine. I am ecstatic to have received this!! I have been knitting since I was 10 (my mother and I took a class from some older ladies at our then-church in Springfield, MO) , but have always been interested in sewing. It has always looked so difficult to me, but after being taught a few things from my mom this past weekend I feel confident that I am going to LOVE this new incredibly useful hobby.

I started by practicing a few different stitches and eventually found myself at Hancock Fabrics yesterday afternoon. I found this great tutorial via Pinterest (duh) and made my very first pair of pajama pants. Here is the link:

I tweaked the pattern a bit for my fabric, but it still turned out fantastic.

Here is the finished product modeled by none other than myself.  🙂

pants1 pants2

Thanks for reading!

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