The lost pastime: reading.

In addition to my resolutions that I am trying so hard to be successful with in 2015, I am trying to become what one might call, “an avid reader”. Reading in elementary school was required to pass the grade, and I remember loving all the trips to the library- but for some reason with the pace of life I have now entered into I find myself not having even finished one novel this year. One of the problems I think, is that it is difficult to find “good books”. I used to love reading  mystery novels, but I just wouldn’t know where to start today. If you have any suggestions, please, comment! I have obtained a library card for my local library and have checked out a series of home decorating books, and I think I will return the remainder of those, pay my late fees, and start a new reading journey sometime tomorrow.

Another reason I am wanting to increase my book time is to get away from the ever present abundance of television and social media. This year I have started by taking away the apps on my phone that I spend the most time on (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and it has been incredible not only how much time I have, but how much healthier I feel as a whole.

Thank you for reading today as I will be tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The lost pastime: reading.

  1. I think this is a great idea! I would suggest any of Beth Moore’s books, Karen Kingsbury for fiction, and possibly just looking around in the fiction or mystery section of the library and see what catches your attention.


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