New Year, New Thing.

Hello to all, and a very happy New Year! Last year (as I’m sure is true with most of you) was a crazy and spectacular year. Parker and I moved from Branson, MO to Bentonville, AR in May, we both switched jobs, Parker graduated from college with a degree in Computer Information Systems, I (Brooke) transferred colleges, we both traveled to England with our family, etc. That’s just the short, one sentence wrap-up for you. Most people make resolutions for the new year this week, and Parker and I were no different. Of course we talked about being healthier (gym memberships will skyrocket this month then fall around mid-February), creating more time for one another, and all the typical things that people try to better themselves at. BUT- we also decided to try a few new things that we have never done before, this, being one of them. Throughout the year we will be updating this blog to keep whomever is interested up to date on our thoughts, happenings, and ideas. I’m not going to lie- right now this is something that I am more gung-ho about than Parker, but I think he will come around 🙂 There’s not really a “theme” to what we will write other than it being connected to our lives. I’m sure there will be a variety from interesting facts and fads to crazy days that we experience. Let me take a moment to thank you already for taking the time to read the first of many posts. I wish you all the very best in keeping with your resolutions. Find someone that can hold you accountable for them. May 2015 be the best yet. (Not the month of May, I meant the form of may as in “may the force be with you”……. you understand what I mean……)

“As of today, the year 2030 is just as far away as the year 2000”

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Thing.

  1. Oh how this makes me happy! So ridiculously proud of you two! As you keep Christ first and invite Him into every decision and action of your life 2015 will be the best yet!! Love you guys so much!!! Mom and Gary


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